Was oder Were • Übungen Online | Schnellenglisch

Was oder Were • Übungen Online

¿Wasn’t oder Weren’t? Wählen Sie die richtige Antwort:

  1. That woman  Australian
  2. Tom  late for the class
  3. The meal  very good
  4. They  my parents
  5. rude to the teacher
  6. The exam easy
  7. They tired when we arrived
  8. We on the train when I called
  9. You here when she came
  10. She my girlfriend
  11.  in Paris last spring.
  12. We  at school last Saturday.
  13.  Tina  at home yesterday.
  14. He  happy.
  15. Tina and Kenny  Sam’s friends.
  16. You  very busy on Saturday.
  17. They  in front of the library.
  18.  in the museum.
  19. She  in Japan last month.
  20. Tony and Katy  late for school.

  1. wasn’t (or was not)
  2. wasn’t (or was not)
  3. wasn’t (or was not)
  4. weren’t (or were not)
  5. wasn’t (or was not)
  6. wasn’t (or was not)
  7. weren’t (or were not)
  8. weren’t (or were not)
  9. weren’t (or were not)
  10. wasn’t (or was not)
  11. wasn’t (or was not)
  12. weren’t (or were not)
  13. wasn’t (or was not)
  14. wasn’t (or was not)
  15. weren’t (or were not)
  16. weren’t (or were not)
  17. weren’t (or were not)
  18. wasn’t (or was not)
  19. wasn’t (or was not)
  20. weren’t (or were not)


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