Übungen Personalpronomen Englisch (mit Lösungen) | Schnellenglisch

Übungen Personalpronomen Englisch (mit Lösungen)

Wählen Sie das richtige Pronomen zwischen her, him, it, them und us:

  1. ‘Where did you get that book?’ ‘I’m afraid I can’t remember .’
  2. ‘Do you really like Sarah?’ ‘Yes, I’m in love with !’
  3. ‘Your husband is a good cook!’ ‘I’ll ask  to prepare dinner.’
  4. ‘Do you know this man?’ ‘Sorry, I don’t know .’
  5. ‘Where are my shoes?’ ‘You are wearing !’
  6. ‘Do you like bananas?’ ‘I love !’
  7. ‘Why is he always looking at Nelly?’ ‘He probably likes !’
  8. ‘Where is my phone? I think I’ve lost .’
  9. ‘Is that Sarah’s new computer?’ ‘Don’t ask me, ask !’
  10. ‘How are your parents? I haven’t met  for ages!’


  1. it
  2. her
  3. him 
  4. him
  5. them
  6. them
  7. her
  8. it
  9. her
  10. them

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