Präpositionen Englisch Übungen [+PDF] | Schnellenglisch

Englisch Präpositionen Übungen Online

Ergänzen Sie die Sätze mit der richtigen Präposition:

  1. Thank you for offering to help. It’s very kind  you.
  2. Guess what I have  my bag?
  3. I really enjoyed this movie. What  you?
  4. I asked my neighbour to look   my cat when I went to London.
  5. The meeting is  February 12th   10 a.m.
  6. If you’re interested  working in Tokyo, you should apply  that job
  7. Paris is a big city, but it’s very different  London.
  8. The teacher got angry  me when I arrived late  the second time.
  9. I’m not familiar  this computer. Could you explain   me how it works?
  10. He wrote the text  French, then translated it  English.


  1. of
  2. in
  3. about
  4. after
  5. on/at
  6. in/for
  7. from
  8. with/for
  9. with/to
  10. in/into

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