Passive Englisch Übungen (zum ausdrucken) | Schnellenglisch

Englisch Passiv Übungen (zum Ausdrucken)

Bilden Sie Passivsätze wie im folgenden Beispiel:

Beispiel: Sam lock the door. → The door is locked by Sam.

1. You do not write the letter.

2. They don’t help you.

3. He doesn’t open the book.

4. Does your mum pick you up?

5. Does the police officer catch the thief?

6. We set the table.

7. She pays a lot of money.

8. I draw a picture.

9. He opens the door.

10. They wear green shoes.

  1. The letter is not written by you.
  2. You are not helped by them.
  3. The book is not opened by him.
  4. Are you picked up by your mum?
  5. Is the thief caught by the police officer?
  6. The table is set by us.
  7. A lot of money is paid by her.
  8. A picture is drawn by me.
  9. The door is opened by him.
  10. Green shoes are worn by them.

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