Irregular Verbs • Übungen (zum Ausdrucken) | Schnellenglisch

Irregular Verbs • Übungen (Online)

Vervollständigen Sie die folgenden Sätze, indem Sie das Verb in Klammern in der entsprechenden Form einsetzen:

  1. It (begin)  to snow this morning.
  2. Tom (ride)  a camel in India.
  3. The boat (sink)  very quickly.
  4. The cat (leap)  right into my arms.
  5. The patient (bleed)  too much, the doctors couldn’t save him.
  6. I (tell)  him not to worry about this.
  7. He (wake)  up late this morning.
  8. The snake (wind)  around her leg!
  9. I (spend)  too much money during the last week.
  10. He (mow)  the lawn yesterday?


  1. began
  2. rode
  3. sank
  4. leapt
  5. bled
  6. told
  7. woke
  8. wound
  9. spent
  10. mowed

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