Irregular Verbs • Übungen (mit Lösungen) | Schnellenglisch

Irregular Verbs • Übungen (Online)

Vervollständigen Sie die folgenden Sätze, indem Sie das Verb in Klammern in der entsprechenden Form einsetzen:

  1. Hiromi (teach)  me to speak Japanese in a year. She was a great teacher.
  2. I (see)  Tina last week – she looked very well.
  3. Eight people (ring)  while she was out.
  4. I (leave)  my sunglasses at school this morning. I had to go back.
  5. I (tear)  my pant when I fell off my scooter.
  6. I think you misunderstood me. I (mean)  ‘bad’ not ‘brad’!
  7. I (hurt)  my arm playing tennis this morning. I can’t go to the gym this afternoon.
  8. I’m sorry that I (forget)  to call you last night.
  9. Lunch was great. I (have)  lasagna.
  10. She (drink)  all the milk yesterday.

  1. taught
  2. saw
  3. rang
  4. left
  5. tore
  6. meant
  7. hurt
  8. forgot
  9. had
  10. drank

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