Englisch zeiten ĂĽbersicht (PDF)

Grammatik Englisch zeiten übersicht mit beispielsätzen + tabelle PDF

Zeiten Positiv Negativ Fragewort
PRESENT SIMPLE He works a lot. Does he work a lot ? He doesn’t work much.
PRESENT PROGRESSIVE/CONTINUOUS He’s working. Is he working? He isn’t working.
PAST SIMPLE He worked yesterday. Did he work yesterday? He didn’t work.
PAST PROGRESSIVE/CONTINUOUS He was running when I saw him. Was he running when… ? He wasn’t running.
PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE I have tried sushi Have you tried sushi? He has not tried sushi
PRESENT PERFECT PROGRESSIVE/CONTINUOUS He’s been working all day. What have you been doing ? He hasn’t been working.
PAST PERFECT SIMPLE She had met him before the party. Had she met him before the party? She hadn’t met him before the party.
PAST PERFECT PROGRESSIVE/CONTINUOUS He had been working for 5 minutes when… How long had he been working when…? He hadn’t been working.
FUTURE   WILL/SHALL I’ll eat that. Shall I eat that? He won’t eat.
FUTURE BE GOING TO He’s going to speak. Are you going to speak? He isn’t going to speak.
CONDITIONAL (PRESENT) He would talk to her if he could. Would you talk to her if… ? He wouldn’t talk if…
CONDITIONAL (PAST) He would have learned korean if… Would you have learned korean if…? He wouldn’t have learned korean if…

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