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Demonstrativpronomen • Englisch Übungen Online

Elja zwischen THAT und THOSE:

  1. This book or  book?
  2. Don´t take  mug.
  3. Whose shoes are  ?
  4.  glasses suit you.
  5. What does  notice say?
  6.  apples are big.
  7.  is my cousin, Sarah.
  8. Wasn´t  a horrible thing to say?
  9.  flowers have died.
  10.  is my brother.
  11. I can´t read  words.
  12.  were his actual words.
  13.  woman is a professor.
  14.  is a computer.
  15.  towers are so far!


  1. This book or that book?
  2. Don´t take that mug.
  3. Whose shoes are those?
  4. Those glasses suit you.
  5. What does that notice say?
  6. Those apples are big.
  7. That is my cousin, Sarah.
  8. Wasn´t that a horrible thing to say?
  9. Those flowers have died.
  10. That is my brother.
  11. I can´t read those words.
  12. Those were his actual words.
  13. That woman is a professor.
  14. That is a computer.
  15. Those towers are so far!

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